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How to Prepare

Additional Information

Since we last met, I have poured into your session, culling through all of our shots and finding those perfect moments.  I then go over those images with great attention to detail, ensuring everything looks as perfect as possible during post processing.  Artistic interpretations and enhancements are created digitally during this time.  

Once your portraits are completed, (typically 2-4 weeks after your portrait session) you are contacted, and at your convenience you come to the studio for your post session premiere and ordering session.  We enjoy refreshments as we watch a slideshow of your images we created set to music (typically lots of laughs and even tears).  We then go over the variety of digital options, wall art, and albums that I have available and we select and create your final printed portraits together!

Tips to Help you Prepare

helpful tips to consider before you arrive

  • Make sure that all decision-making parties are present for the ordering session.  While future ordering is available, additional ordering sessions would be an additional fee, and exclusive package pricing is only available at your premiere.  Choose a date and time that works best for anyone that would want/need to be a part of the decision making/ordering experience.
  • What do you want to do with your final images?  Do you want a large wall grouping of canvases over your couch, or a large metal print over your fireplace?  An heirloom album that will last for generations that contains all of the portraits from your session?  Do you prefer digital copies with printing rights so you have the freedom to print the images wherever and however you want?  Are digital copies important to you for social media purposes or phone/desktop backgrounds?  Have an idea of what you want before you arrive so at your premiere, it's not IF you want a big picture over your fireplace, it's WHICH image will be big over your fireplace!  
  • Choosing the right size for your wall.  I have software available that allows me to use a photo of the wall you plan to hang your portrait on and scale it to size.  We can then experiment with different sizes, frame options, images, and even groupings with just the touch of a finger and it gives you a direct visual of your own wall!  This is a great tool to help you design professional portraits into your space!  Just text me 740-630-7737 a photo of the space and give me a size reference of something else on the wall OR just tape a standard size piece of tape to the wall for the photo and I will take it from there!
  • What about copies for friends and family?  How many friends or family members will want prints?  What sizes?
  • Review packages and pricing information in advance and have a general idea what you may be interested before you arrive. 
  • If you will be needing event invitations (ie: graduation party), know how many you will need
  • We accept cash, check, and square for credit card payments.  Interest free payment plans are available as well.  You choose how much and how often you want to pay.


The Studio

The studio is attached to our private residence, however it has it's own designated entrance.  When you arrive, park anywhere you like in the graveled area.  You will know you have arrived as there is a black sign with my logo on it just off the road and right where you park.  Come through the white picket fence and follow the brick pathway to the studio entrance.  There will be a sign with my logo on it just by the road and where you park.

GPS tips: Please make sure you have typed in Old Rushville Road and that it doesn't autocorrect to something else.  There is a Rushville Road and a West Rushville Road in this area also that some have mistakenly gone to when using GPS.

Also notable: The street numbers on our road start over in weird intervals so don't panic if the road numbers don't make sense.