COVID-19 Policies & Procedures

Updated 4/30/20


As we all begin to take steps to reopen our beautiful state, I have been busy researching and planning the best way to go about reopening my studio while keeping the safety of my clients, my family, and my community a priority. As the course of this pandemic unfolds all of these policies are subject to evolve into something better but this is where we stand as of today 4/30/20 in terms of remote booking. Sessions will not take place until after the May 12 date the governor ordered.

I am now accepting online bookings for outdoor sessions only (where social distancing mandates will be upheld the entire time) and limiting the number of clients I accept to just one per week. Priority booking will go to those who have been on my waiting list. I will be contacting all of you directly in the coming days. 

Pre-Session Consultation and Planning Sessions:

Typically offered in studio over refreshments will now be moved to the remote media of the client’s preference. We can FaceTime, discuss via phone, or email correspondence as is your preference. 


I am currently available for outdoor shoots only. A distance of 6 feet or more will be kept between me and my clients the entire time. I ask that only those being photographed attend the session with the exception of high school seniors. Seniors please bring ONE support person from your immediate family circle to help fix and adjust hair, clothing, jewelry etc. I will direct you on posing from a distance rather than my usual hands on approach to adjusting details and poses. Aside from this, I am typically this distance away from my clients regardless as it is my normal shooting style; therefore, you will see no difference in the quality of the final images resulting from these changes. Those of you wanting large group/extended family sessions, or if someone in your immediate family circle is considered higher risk, let’s connect at a later time please!

Face Coverings: 

As long as we are shooting outdoors and maintaining social distancing, you do not have to wear a face covering during your photoshoot. When you come to the studio for your post session premiere and ordering session I do ask that you wear a face cover and of course I will as well. 

Post-Session Premiere and Ordering Session:

Typically, my clients come to the studio for a grand reveal of the portraits we created together. Refreshments are provided, there are lots of hugs, smiles, and tears. We go over samples and create a package together that works for you! Your printed portrait order is placed at this time. We will still be conducting these sessions but with every safety precaution in place requiring some modifications to how these sessions are typically conducted. My studio is attached to my home, though it has its own designated entrance and is kept separate from my private residence, my family/children are still living here. I ask that you use the restroom before you arrive, as the restroom here is shared between my studio and private residence. I ask that you wear a face covering as I will also. Everything will be sanitized before you arrive AND I am only allowing one client per week into the studio, so there is no fomite transmission risk to you from other clients. Payments will be touchless and your order will be shipped to your residence free of charge rather than the normal in studio pickup.

Addressing the orders directly

Limiting Capacity:

The steps I am taking to limit capacity are as follows:

Clients will only be in the studio one time to place their order as opposed to our previous procedures which involved four trips to the studio on average.

Keeping the number of people attending sessions to a minimum.

Only having one photoshoot per week.

Sanitation and Hygiene Procedures are of course in place. My family and I are essentially quarantining ourselves at home aside from walks in nature, essential trips to the store, and work.

Thank you for your patience and support throughout this event. I look forward to creating with you all again soon<3 

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Mandates and policies are ever changing and evolving during this pandemic.  Please contact me with any questions you may have regarding your session or these guidelines.