About Us


Hello! My name is Cassie Clarkson Moyer, I am a photographer, portraitist, visual storyteller, and digital artist.  I specialize in high school seniors, families, logo design, and headshots.  I have had a lifelong passion and interest in the arts and psychology. I am now living my dream: partnering with my clients, really getting to know who they are, and capturing their story, their personality, their hopes, their dreams, their love, their bonds through portrait photography, digital art, and visual storytelling.  

I am pictured with my husband and our three children.  This business is small and family run; my studio is attached to my home so you are likely to see/work with any of us during our time together.

What We Do

Our Approach

What to Expect

What to Expect


I strive to create a timeless, unique, quality portrait that will dazzle you. In order to do this, I create a customized experience as unique as you are. An adventure to remember with heirloom quality portraits you are proud to share and will always treasure! In order to capture your genuine expression, we need a genuinely fun experience and that is what I create for you. Fun locations, a relaxed atmosphere, and lots of belly laughs all customized and catered to you!  Fine detail-oriented retouching, as well as mastery of professional lighting and posing techniques ensure that you will look like the absolute best version of your genuine self in your portraits. 

What to Expect

What to Expect

What to Expect


Each portrait experience I create is completely customized, so we begin by meeting in the studio over refreshments (or via phone if you prefer) and we discuss what you have in mind for your portrait experience and your ultimate purpose for the final portrait.  We then plan, and create, and build together a plan and an experience to achieve precisely that.  Whether it is selecting the perfect location(s), or just the right wardrobe, or what size canvas will look best over your fireplace, or you want an heirloom quality album that you can pass down for generations; I am here to help you plan every step of the way!

The portrait session may be held in studio, or at any (legal) location based on your preferences.  I have a huge portfolio of great potential locations if you are undecided.  I scout locations ahead of time so I know where the lighting is best and what areas will work best for what I have planned.  Most portrait sessions are 2-3 hours in duration.  I will have preplanned a variety of lighting techniques and poses and have a flexible plan in place already; but this is all about the experience and fun candid shots are always a part of every shoot.  Real life happens between the "poses" and I want to capture that too!

Over the course of the next couple weeks, I pour into your session, culling through all of our shots and finding those perfect moments.  I then go over those images with great attention to detail, ensuring everything looks as perfect as possible during post processing.  Artistic interpretations and enhancements are created digitally during this time.  

Once your portraits are completed, you are contacted, and at your convenience you come to the studio for your post session premiere and ordering session.  We enjoy refreshments as we watch a slideshow of your images we created set to music (typically lots of laughs and even tears).  We then go over the variety of digital options, wall art, and albums that I have available and we select and create your final printed portraits together!